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Todd DuBord is the Chaplain for Chuck Norris Enterprise based in Texas. Todd is also a patient of Dr. Jerry Sanchez. Todd DuBord - Before & After

Like to see what you´d look like with a new smile? Want to make sure a new smile will be perfect before the makeover begins?

We have the answer with our Smile Preview. We start by taking a picture of you smiling.  Then, we enter all the proposed changes for your personal Smile Makeover into a computer.  An image is produced with a smile that reflects all the proposed changes. Don´t like what you see?  We can make changes - whiteness, length of teeth, contours, etc. - to create a new image with a new smile. 

Once your completely satisfied, we know exactly what to do for your makeover.  With Smile Preview there are no unpleasant surprises - just a beautiful new smile, like Todd. 

Todd DuBord & Chuck Norris
Chuck and Todd onboard a helicopter in Iraq in 2007


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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