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Specialized Dentistry > Conscious Sedation

Most of us have some level of anxiety whenever we visit a health professional.  However, with some this anxiety develops into fear and almost dread when visiting a dentist.  The reasons vary, from a bad childhood experience to just the feeling of vulnerability when in the dental chair.   Methods of dealing with severe anxiety range from continually postponing necessary visits and procedures to the complete avoidance of the dental office.   This simply makes existing dental problem only worse, puts one´s general health at risk, and heightens the anxiety.  

Conscious sedation can offer a highly effective and safe solution for these severe cases.   It involves administering an oral sedative tailored to the patient and the length of the procedure.  The patient remains awake but is deeply relaxed with anxiety controlled.  And conscious sedation allows the dentist to do more work in a single visit, further minimizing anxiety. 

If you know someone who suffers from extreme dental anxiety, have them contact our office.  We can put them on the road to good dental health and a beautiful smile.