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Dr. Sanchez is the best dentist I've been to in my life. He is not only painless, he is also a perfectionist--and, when it comes to teeth, what more matters than that? Dr. Sanchez gave me a "smile makeover" that matches and marvels the best of Hollywood smiles--I know because I work for one. My teeth are as white and perfect as they were a few years ago when he completed them. With the latest technological equipment and his always up-to-date expertise on the latest research, it was well worth it to travel some distance to get my new "pearl rack" from his practice. I recommend Dr. Sanchez and his professional and courteous team wholehearedly and without reservation. Cordially, Chaplain Todd DuBord (Chaplain for the Chuck Norris enterprises)--

Chaplain Todd DuBord

Hi my name is Young Kim, I went to Dr. Jerry Sanchez in an emergancy case. He was very prompt and professional. My experience was great. His staffs were great as well, they are very professional courteous. If you are looking for a great dentist will i highley recommend his office.

Young Kim, owner Aesthetic Vision Dental

If in need of a dentist with outstanding qualities, then Dr. Jerry Sanchez is the one. He is incredible; walking you through each procedure and letting you know what to expect. Any time I have had something done that may cause discomfort he follows up that evening with a telephone call to make sure there is no problem and if so to call him immediately. He very caring, gentle, and honest. Dr. Sanchez is a true professional as well as his staff. The office has a warm, inviting atmosphere making one feel welcome. I highly recommend him.

Joni Schuld

I first went to Dr Sanchez in 1985. I had moved to Dublin in 1984 and had gone to another dentist in San Ramon. That guy didn't know what he was doing and after taking 2.5 hrs to try and pull a wisdom tooth he walked me to another Dentist who took 15 minutes to complete the work. (2.5 hrs was brutal.) I then went to Dr Sanchez and have never been disappointed since. I had recommended him to all my friends when I lived in Dublin. Almost 7 yrs ago I moved to the south bay but always go back to Dr Sanchez for my dental work. Dr Sanchez is as good as or better than the best I have gone to when I lived and grew up on the East Coast.

Ted Lundquist

I can't remember when Dr. Sanchez opened his first office but I know that I have been with him for a very long time. Even after selling our home in Pleasanton and moving away, I did not once think of looking for a new dentist. It is a little harder now for I'm not young anymore but as long as I can drive, I will not ever look for another dentist. Thank you Dr. Sanchez

Mildred Sturmer

If you are looking for a GENTLE,CARING and PHENOMENAL dentist then Dr. Sanchez is the dentist for you and your family. Dr. Sanchez has been my dentist for over 20 years and also all my family members and friends go to him. I use to be a dental assistant so I know all the qualities to look for in a dentist and Dr. Sanchez has them ALL! I have had extensive work over the years. ( yes, I am a sugar addict!) So, I can personally attest to Dr. Sanchez' impecable work. kind , caring and non-judgemental chair side manor. He also has this special technique of giving injections that you can barely feel. For all of these reasons and more, you can be assured if you book with Dr. Jerry, your experience will be positive all the way and he will always perform a top notch job on your teeth and you will be proud to smile again!!

Mary Gellerman

Dr. Sanchez is the Best! Sitting in the dentist chair has never been a cake walk for me, however since being introduced to Dr. Sanchez, I must say that my fears have melted away. He is so gentle, caring and kind. My husband had always had one of his teeth that was longer than the rest....something I guess we had just gotten use to. At one of his visits, Dr. Sanchez initiated a slight correction to this one tooth which totally changed my husbands smile and appearance. It was amazing! Kudos to you Dr. Sanchez and to your wonderful staff as well. Mindy Gregory

Mindy Gregory

I have been with a lot of dentists in my 81 years on this earth. Many were less than sensitive. Dr Jerry is the MOST GENTLE dentist I have ever had the pleasure to have work on my teeth. I was sad when I left the area where he practices. I recommend him highly. Jerry

Jerry Emmons

Jerry is one of the finest dentists I know. He is a great listener and really cares about his patients. I would recommend him without reservation.

Dr. Ralph Vandersloot

I'd like to tell you about one great Dentist. Jerry Sanchez is the epitome of the "true professional". Kind, caring and concerned. Jerry is the type of Dentist you want to go to. Not your average," sit and endure" . He and his staff make you feel warm and comfortable as soon as you walk in. Greeted with courtesy and respect, your comfort is top priority at all times. I would give Dr. Sanchez a "10" and would recommend him to all. I say this from experience, He's been my Dentist for over 25 years! If your looking for a " gentle dental" experience with beautiful results, Dr. Sanchez and his staff will provide you with what your looking for, Just like they have giving me for so long. Thanks Dr. Sanchez, "I'm smiling!"

Craig DuBord

Dr Sanchez is the best dentists around. He is extremely gentle and kind. His office staff is very professional as well.
I would highly recommend him and his staff. My family has been going to his office for years and never have we had any complaints. All I can say is he's the BEST!

Kimberly Rice King

"Extraordinary Practice. Extraordinary Experience."

Craig DuBord

Dr Sanchez & his staff are awesome! Always a pleasant experience, very comprehensive & gentle too! My treatment needs are always explained to me in detail and I don't feel uncomfortable asking questions. They have a way of making me feel special and they have all the extra comfy things to help me "escape" while I am in the chair...blankets, neck pillow, music, shades for my eyes, etc ! I could take a nap while I am there! Everything looks spotless clean. I am so thankful to have such a nice dentist and highly recommend him.

Michelle Bradley

Dr. Sanchez is an amazing dentist, both skilled and gentle. His hygienist is one of the best I've ever gone to. The office staff has always been professional, welcoming and helpful.

Diane Corning

I never thought I would say that a visit to the dentist was delightful...but here it is - My appointment with Dr, Sanchez and team was delightful. The whole experience from first phone call to leaving with my 6 mos. check up card in hand was absolutely great. We just moved here from out-of-state and finding a new dentist is always a challenge. Well, we can check off that box ink!!


I am a dentist that works in a large group of dentists. A benefit I receive as part of my employment is that other dentists in my group will do whatever work I need for free.

I had a filling done by one fo the dentists in my group. It hurt for 6 months and then fell out when my hygienist was cleaning between my teeth. Needless to say I was pretty upset.

As a dentist I want the best work possible for my teeth as I understand how things develop. The scary fact is that there is a lot of shoddy work out there. I asked around to other professionals in my area and Dr. Sanchez was recommended.

Dr. Sanchez recently completed an inlay to repair the missing filling for me. I paid 100% out of pocket because I wanted the work done right and don't have insurance. I am extremely pleased to report he did an excellent job. The inlay was performed flawlessly and all my sensitivity and pain is completely gone. His temporary was also extremely comfortable.

If you and a Dentist's dentist then Dr. Sanchez is your guy. He has the knowledge and skills to do the job right.

Thanks Jerry!

Dr. Gavin E.


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