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General Dentistry > Regular Checkups and Hygiene

The best way to maintain your smile is by practicing good oral hygiene and having regular dental checkups.  You may wonder, "Isnīt the fact that I regularly brush and floss enough?"    It could be, but more often than not it isnīt.  And without a checkup, there is no way to tell. 

As with all health issues, early detection of problems is essential.  For example, the beginning stages of gum disease, the greatest cause of tooth loss, are almost impossible to detect without an examination. If detected early, the remedy may be as simple as a better technique for flossing and more regular cleanings.  Later detection could require gum surgery or may even result in tooth loss.   During checkups you are also examined for cavities.  Itīs certainly better to catch a cavity when it is just beginning and, therefore, small rather than have it continue to grow and require a substantially larger filling, thus further weakening the tooth and risking other problems.

We have an experienced staff of hygienists who can show you the proper dental hygiene techniques and help identify problems before they become severe.  Making regular hygiene visits is the easiest and least expensive method of keeping your beautiful smile.